Miss My Family

Miss My Family

Sgt. Grit:

Two branches met in the middle.

My husband, GySgt Thomas Reichard has been a US Marine all his life. Tough, strick, hard-core all the way. Well raising three boys in the military lifestyle and being married to one, is rough on a mom. But the boys soon obtained their sweet revenge when dad was TAD in Germany (just after 9/11). Both our oldest sons joined the Army. Dad was livid. As a mother and wife, it was difficult to agree with either side which branch was the best. Who is the roughest in all this….mom!!!

Now six years later. We are proud of all the family Army and Marine Corps alike. Dad, GySgt Reichard and middle son, Sgt Patrick Trujillo are both currently in country. This is the second tour for both. The oldest son, Sgt Ron Trujillo is stationed close to home in Barstow, CA. His oldest son is now 17 and planning to join the service….the question is which branch?

We love our country, our military and our freedoms. Many Americans take for granted these freedoms, servicemen/women don’t. They defend them with their lives and with the lives of their families left behind. Take the time to thank a serviceman/woman for their dedication, committment, loyalty and sacrafice. I do. God Bless

DebraLee Reichard
Blue Star Wife and Mother
Yucca Valley/29 Palms, CA

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