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I wrote this poem for my son when he graduated boot camp.

Mom’s Marine
by Samantha Schroeder

I held a hand, that once was small,
To him I seemed ten feet tall
I made the world move and miracles take place
The look of wonder across his face

Throughout the years my height seemed to shrink
But none the less he did think
I still held grander and possessed all the skills
To make mountains move and leap any hill

As time slipped passed I soon realized
The wonder seemed to leave his eyes
And what I thought was a look of disdain
Was just my boy finding his way

With patience and time his eyes revealed love
Deep and enduring, a gift from above
For me he would fight, like a protector serene
He left my side and became a Marine

As I grasp a hand so strong and bold
That look of wonder now I do hold
He stands tall and proud with every step
A Marine he is, so much more, nothing less

Now it?s he who scales mountains, secures mighty hills
He makes my world safe with his strength and his skills
I couldn?t have asked for a more prestigious son
My respect and my admiration he surely has won

A bond we hold, a bond throughout time
A mother and child, whose lives intertwined
I?m sure he can see how proud that I am
By the path he has chosen, I?ve no doubt that he can.

By Samantha Schroeder
Copyright 2006
Listed 10/2/2006

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