Montford Point Marines

Montford Point Marines

“The strange thing about you telling somebody they can’t do something, you make them more determined that they can.”
— Thomas Cork, original Montford Point Marine

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  • Sgt Angelo J.Manos

    I was promoted to the rank of Sgt in 19 1/2 months.At that time I was given my 1st platoon to serve as a platoon Sgt.When I went back to the states,I reported to Camp Lejuene,was quickly put in a ‘cattle car’ and sent to Washington DC for the 1971 anti war protest.The entire 2nd Marine Division got deployed to Washington.I got into a disagreement with a ‘butter bar’ and was relieved of my duties.45 days later we all headed back to Lejuene where I had orders waiting to go to Vieqes,PR.Although I could have protested because I had just finished my assignment in Westpac,I took those orders and went because I realized that Lejuene was a petty place to be.I was given my second platoon where I once more had a discipline problem w/Marines.So I was given my 3rd platoon.This platoon was made up of all black Marines.This was where Sgts were sent to get their ass kicked.The Marine Corps said this was not an all black platoon because it had Hispanics in it.The Hispanic Marines were darker than the black Marines.I fortunately had a squared away black Corporal.His name was Al and he was the toughest Marine on the Island.I told him that the powers that be sent me to his platoon to get an ass whooping.I never gave an order to any Marine except Al and that was in the form of a request.These Marines were the best Marines I had serviced with.We had a riot.They snuck a lady of the night on to the base and dumped her on my rack.I loved those guys.I would stand in morning formations and only 3 Marines fell out with me and I would say “all present or accounted for,Sir.No brass or senior NCOs would even dare walk into our barracks and expect to come out in one piece.Once I had almost the entire platoon out for morning formation including our platoon mascot.The Col on base had ordered all dogs be captured for execution.The MPs tried to break my formation to get to our mascot.Bad move because you guys know its a major Sin to break a formation and the MPs paid dearly.Of course I was in front of the LtCol later that morning.All in all I was lucky to leave Vieques with my stripes.I reported back,6 months later to Lejuene.The 1st SGT at 2nd Field Artillary Group said “So your Sgt Manos”.He told me to hide for the next 17 days until my discharge.There were many adventures at Vieques but it would take a book to run it by you Marines.

  • W.A.Wichert

    EVERY Marine is my brother regardless of color. We’re all Green. I’m a Marine until I die. Semiper Fi to ALL my brothers and sisters.

  • William Freeman

    I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU! To the Montfort Point Marines for paving the way for me and all the other Black men to become United States Marines. L/cpl William Freeman, Parris Island, 3rd Blt Plt 320. August- October 1958.

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