More to ” The Basic Military Rules”

And then there is always this:

The reason the U. S. Armed Forces have
difficulty in coordinating and cooperating
with each other is that they do not use the
same jargon, and misunderstandings
frequently occur. For example:

If you tell the U. S. Navy to SECURE a
building, they will simply turn out the
lights and lock the door.

If you tell the U. S. Army to SECURE a
building, they will occupy the structure
and permit only persons with a proper
pass to enter.

If you tell the U. S. Air Force to SECURE a
building, they will take out a three year
lease with an option to buy.

If you tell the U. S. Marines to SECURE a
building, they will call for an air strike,
assault the structure with heavy artillery,
ground and small arms fire, capture the
facility, fortify it and hold the ground at
all costs until properly relieved.

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  • Nick

    Not that amazing Brother. I do respect your opinion. You are not the only one I heard similar comments before. I did not start out feeling this way. I have 5 service connected disabilities.I was granted,in 2017, 100% P&T because of bladder cancer due to shitty water at Swamp Lagoon that our government including Navy and Marines tried to cover up beginning in the late 50’s. I WILL squeeze every penny that I can out of this government as long as I live. Just for the record I would give every penny back for my health. Nick

  • RT

    It’s amazing………..People put down our government and it’s military. However, I personally do not know anyone that doesn’t cash their Compensation checks or refuses free, or at reduced cost, care at a Veterans Administration Medical Clinic. SEMPER FI……………RT

  • Nick

    I know I’m going to stir up some shit, but how ,knowing what we know now, the government betrayal, agent orange etc.. would you want to do it again! Nick.

  • Clay

    Really good – Roger that.

  • Sgt.Joe Garcia jr

    As a Lance Corporal in VN.1965 My MOS 0331 Machine gunner.I learned a lot. I would do it all again. I’m proud to be called a Marine. Bless all my Marine brothers & Sisters. Happy New Year. Semper Fi !!

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