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Morning Salute

Morning Salute

During 1st phase platoon 1056 Paris island we were issued these uncomfortable skivies That in no way would contain our morning desire for head call out DI making his inspection came across me with my pecker sticking out desperately needing to take a leak looked at me in utter disgust I could feel panic setting in I have to piss like a race horse and I thought I have a 100 mountain climbers coming my way when he looked at me with a half ass grin and said PUT IT AWAY—put it away i i sir and with that he said for head call – we answered and I ran in those shower shoes in no time flat and relieved my self thinking to myself this is only the 1st 5 minuets of a long day.
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Sgt Robert L Sisson - May 1, 2020

We had one guy like that in our Platoon also. They should have sent him home. He had no business in the Marine Corp. When we got to Geiger I know a lot of guys tried to straighten him out. I am ashamed to admit I was one of those guys, When we were at PI I shared a shelter half with him and when it was his turn to be on guard duty he would not get up. At Geiger he payed for it.

Harry - May 1, 2020

This incident I speak of flashed right into my brain as soon as I read this post.I do not think the D.I.would have done this if it were not for the fact that this recruit was always a prime target.I don’t know for sure but.every platoon probably had a “PYLE” this guy was ours.We always had extra PT because of some of his crap.A lot of extra “UP and On Shoulders” I think that’s what it was called. Anyway just another memory.Thanx!! Harry

Sgt. Robert L Sisson - May 1, 2020

I forgot all about the Swagger Stick. We had a Sgt. at Gieger that loved to hit you with his Swagger Stick. Later a friend of mine payed him back at the Swoop Circle at Lejeaune. George didn’t get to swoop but he said it was worth it.

Jim Barber - May 1, 2020

No I.D. on this story but it is funny and i would like the author to contact me for possible publication. I am still gathering funny boot camp stories for book 2 of “SH*TBIRD! How I Learned To Love The Corps. Please contact Jim Barber at Anyone else is also welcome to submit funny stories Semper Fi

Harry - May 1, 2020

Could have been worse,He could have given it a whack with a “Swagger Stick.” Saw that happen once.Dang.thought the poor son of a gun was gonna cry. Harry

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