Mount Suribachi Photo

Mount Suribachi Photo

My story is more of a question. All your products just motivate the hell out of me! In 1982 I took a picture of mount suribachi from a CH-53 flying off the deck of the USS Peleliu. Our hop was to pick up mail being dropped off by a C-130 on Iwo Jima. I believe it to be divine providence that I took that picture. There is no other picture in existence like this one, as time and vegetation has slowly hiddened it’s scars. I believe this photo had to taken. I believe it compliments joe Rosenthal’s famous photo to a T! I would love to show it to Sgt. gritz as you are my brothers. And let me know what you think. I don’t know how to upload a picture but can email. If you do not reply no problem. But I do believe this picture should be kept in prosperity for all time to honor all who battled there.
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  • Bulldogman

    Would like very much to see your photo as with all of the above. Please sent to

  • Andrew J Terry

    Please email the photo to me. Thanks.

  • S C McMahan

    Would appreciate a copy of your picture which I can download.

  • Giro Gaimaro

    Giro gaimaro 60_64 would love to see the pitcher

  • Sgt James D. White 1972 -1976

    I would like a copy also please email to thanks

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