Mount Suribachi Photo

Mount Suribachi Photo

My story is more of a question. All your products just motivate the hell out of me! In 1982 I took a picture of mount suribachi from a CH-53 flying off the deck of the USS Peleliu. Our hop was to pick up mail being dropped off by a C-130 on Iwo Jima. I believe it to be divine providence that I took that picture. There is no other picture in existence like this one, as time and vegetation has slowly hiddened it’s scars. I believe this photo had to taken. I believe it compliments joe Rosenthal’s famous photo to a T! I would love to show it to Sgt. gritz as you are my brothers. And let me know what you think. I don’t know how to upload a picture but can email. If you do not reply no problem. But I do believe this picture should be kept in prosperity for all time to honor all who battled there.
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  • Paul E. Gill

    Please email me a copy of your photo. I was there in 2015.

  • R M Dinwiddie(SGT

    RMDinwiddie SGt USMC Sent a previous response but requesting a photo but failed to attach my e-mail

  • Jim Barber

    I was recently on a Pacific War tour which included Tinian, Saipan, Guam, Peleliu and was anchored on a trip to Iwo Jima on the 23rd of March, commemorating the 73rd anniversary of the end of the battle. My 75 year old wife and I trudged a good ten miles over that volcanic rock, including the slow climb to the peak of Suribachi to view the memorial at the spot where the flag was raised. It was extremely sobering to look down at that black invasion beach, so wide open and exposed, to imagine the thousands of Marines stacking up as they fought to get up and over the natural berm that must be 20 feet high. That any vegetation at all can exist in that volcanic soil is amazing, but nature will win out in the end as all our pictures show its steady advance. I have several pictures taken from the peak but the best are taken from the beach, Suribach in the background. I collected a large amount of the black sand from the beach which made for a fairly heavy backpack for this 77 year old Marine. Now I pass out samples with every book I sell, along with a picture taken from the beach. 27 Medals of Honor were awarded for that battle, the youngest Marine having just turned 17 a week before landing and had been in the Corps since he was 15. Very interesting story. He is one of the few-4 or 5- who have ever smothered a grenade with their body and survived. One vet on our tour had made the landing, wounded on the 3rd day, evacuated to the beach and wounded again before he could be evacuated to the hospital ship. 2 Purple Hearts in one day. Being on that island was deeply moving and I won’t forget it.

  • R M Dinwiddie(SGT USMC)

    Would REALLY appreciate a picture of this! My Dad was with 4thMarines;4MARDIV;4Mar Reg;3rdTANK,23MARINES TankCrew/Gunner On IWO JIMA. I was with HMH 462 CH53SeaStallions,TAD with31stMEW 71/72 off USS Tripoli! in PersianGulf/IndianOcean Sgt RMDinwiddie(DINGUS) 69-73/1stMAW Swinging with the Wing!

  • Andrew Gardner

    If you would, send me a copy of your picture to My father in law was there when both flags went up.

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