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Mounted Color Guard Albuquerque 1971

Mounted Color Guard Albuquerque 1971

Marine Corps Recruiting Station mounted color guard in Albuquerque, NM, was formed in 1970-72 to assist with the recruiting efforts throughout the state. The four Appaloosa horses and a special trailer, with all the equipment and McCollum saddles, were donated by a former Marine Korean War Veteran who was very patriotic and wanted to see the Marine Corps succeed, and to carry on the tradition of our mounted Marines. They traveled many miles riding in parades and personal appearances. This was the only Marine Corps mounted color guard that ever existed in the state of New Mexico.

It was a lot of hard work and many hours of training the horses, but well worth the time. Loved it.

(submitted by MGySgt Jerry Scoggins)

(l-r, Sgt. Mike Ross, SSgt Jerry Scoggins, NCOIC, Sgt. Dave Guardanapo, and SSgt. Roy Hood)  

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