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Moved To Heaven's Gates

I am sorry for the lateness of this obit for WW2 Marine Robert Dowdy. I only found out about his passing recently myself when I had attempted to call him for New Years Day.

Cpl. Dowdy and I had met each other during a Veterans Day Parade back in 2012. The parade was hosted by American Legion Post 238 of Teague, Texas of which I was a member. I say that I was a member as now the post has disbanded recently.

When Cpl. Dowdy told me that he had been on Guadalcanal in 1942 along with Col. Chesty Puller, I was thrilled beyond belief to meet a Marine that actually knew Col. Puller and had fought along side him. One day I asked him if he would autograph my 1st Edition copy of Guadalcanal Diary by Robert Tregaskis. He said that he didn't write that book. I explained that I knew that he didn't but I would be honored if, as a Marine who had lived through that battle, to have him autograph it for me.

I've attached a copy of the picture I took. I'm also attaching a picture of him riding his motoroized chair in the parade with his sign showing that he had joined the Marine Corps on December 9th of 1941. The third picture is Cpl. Dowdy with myself on the left and two Vietnam Veterans in 2013. All four men in the picture are Marines. The other two Marines are Steve Sevren and Dan Alley who are members of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 991 of Palestine, Texas.

Cpl. Dowdy was born 12 October 1923 and moved to Heaven's Gates on 5 December 2015.

Rest in Peace, Marine.

Semper Fi,
Carl Conkling

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jerry warren powers - July 15, 2020

forgot to say have a happy easter. may god bless the marines in jesus name

jerry warren powers - July 15, 2020

time doesnt slow down. iam 63, and seems like it has been a long time since i was in service. was retired on july 17, 1973. i just joined the american legion. seems like i am in a world by myself, except for family. have a 3 year old grandaughter. she is a great little girl. the marines were worth all of the pt they could give us and more. proud to have served. jerry

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