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Moving Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Makes Way to Desert Hot Springs

Moving Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Makes Way to Desert Hot Springs Admin |

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. – In 1982, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall was built and dedicated to those who served and died in the Vietnam War. While attending the dedication in 1982, a group of artists felt the positive power of The Wall and felt it should be shared not only in Washington D.C., but across the country. Sitting at about half the size of the actual Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, the two replicas began their journey in Tyler, Texas in 1984. Today, the walls travel across the country from April to November, to pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The city of Desert Hot Springs hosted The Moving Wall at their local Mission Springs Park from June 22 to June 26, 2017. During the Vietnam War more than 58,000 service members, both men and women, were either killed or deemed missing in action. The Wall has the names of those men and women etched onto a reflective stone, so visitors can not only see the names, but see themselves, reflecting on the lives of the people who fought and died to keep them safe. At the commencement of the program, Headquarters Battalion Color Guard posted their colors at the Moving Wall opening program and, the keynote speaker, retired Sgt. Frank Orzio, pastor, Wounded Warrior Ministry Project, addressed those in attendance. “In this time of remembrance we must hold close to our hearts our fallen warriors, keep in our mind our prisoners of war and missing in action service members who have become a shadow of a memory,” Orzio said. “We see these men and women and realize, once again, how much we owe them and how much they have given.” Following the program, local community members were able to visit the wall and pay their respects. Also local Vietnam veterans attended to honor their fallen comrades, and pass knowledge to the younger generations at hand. On June 26, Desert Hot Springs hosted the closing ceremony for the Moving Wall. It will now move onto a different location to spread the same spirit of positivity; the same feeling of gratitude and respect that those artists felt from the dedication of the original wall in 1982. “We wanted the Moving Wall here in Desert Hot Springs to give our veterans the chance to pay homage to those who lost their lives in the Vietnam War,” said Requita Grant, event coordinator, Community and Cultural Affairs.


Semper Fi my brothers. Been to “the Wall” twice in D..C. plus once when the traveling Wall was here in Ga. After each time, I was so affected that it took me days to recuperate and somewhat resemble my normal self. More than two handfuls of my fellow Marines are permanently etched into that Wall and when I see their and trace their names it effects me so deeply. Then I realize…I will never be normal again. Mike..USMC. 68-74. (68-69 RNV)


Is there anyway to get an Itinerary for the Wall?

John Horvath,

The travelling wall is a good idea, I also think many towns and cities should have a memorial to those who have served in defense of our country. here in saint Petersburg Florida we Freedom Park and have a marble headstone to honor the Korean war and those who served to keep Korea free. we should never forget that freedom is not free and often comes with a high price tag.

Civil War Marine,

Here is the link with the schedule for anyone interested.

Mom of a Marine,

We had The Wall come to our small city years ago. It was very moving, even to my young children. If anyone has the chance, do try to get to see it, in honor of all who died in Viet Nam. Semper Fi.

Mom of a Marine,

I think it’s kind of selfish of the people of Desert Hot Springs to want to Keep the rolling memorial for the Heros of the Vietnam War for themselves. My parents had some food friends that didn’t make it back from that hell hole. There are people who can’t afford to go to Washington to see the real one. I’m just saying. Very respectfully, John E Watson HM2 Ret.

John E Watson,

God Bless all who serve, and have served our great country. Jeff Clifford, Marine Sniper

Jeff Clifford,

Whether a person supported the Viet Nam war or not it has nothing to do with the gratitude we owe to those who did serve and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for God and country. Politics is mean, but service to our nation is the ultimate thing a person can contribute to our society. I feel all of us owe the Marine Corps a big thank you for what it did to our lives. Certainly it changed mine and put the grit in my gut to stand up for things that were fair and square in this crazy world where people burn our flag. I find such disrespectful behavior horrendous. When one thinks of how much blood has been shed to support and defend the stars and stripes. It bewilders me that elected officials cannot draw a legal line and say this shall not pass, our flag is sacred and destroying it is a crime. Military service is not for everyone and certainly the Marine Corps is a step beyond that. For me it was an honor to serve in the Marine Corps and it has defined me every day of my life since that time. The Wall is both sad and proud and that’s the way it should be and all of us who served in the Corps can wear that as a badge of honor. There is no other country like America and there is no other service like the Marine Corps. I do not say that as a negative for our other military branches or other counties, but we are unique. God bless all the men and women who served and made the Marine Corps what it is. And may we be forever grateful to those who gave their lives to protect our nation. I have tried since 1960 to be an example of a man who loved his country and loved his Corps so that younger people will understand the debt they owe for being so fortunate to be born in the Untied States of America. My thanks to Sgt. Grit for bringing these different subjects and events to us.

buzz alpert, Sgt E-5, 1960-66,

I am a Patriot Guard Rider and have had the honor of escorting the wall 5 times. It is a very moving honor and it wasn’t till the 4 escort that I could bring myself to visit after setup.


In reply to Rick miles.
Thank you for your service, & a big thank you to all of our brothers & sisters who gave the ultimate sacrifice to guard the gates till the day we get to meet again.. ” Semper fi” a marine is something in you not everyone can be a marine it takes a certain type of person to be a Marine..It takes a person who will take a stand for what we belive in who will fight for the ones who cant fight for themselfs .. Thats our job..!! We are marines for a reason.. We all like the rush of the fight, we love our country and we will fight till the death to prove it.. Thank you for your story and your service my brother.!! W.Ticker USMC. 89-92
Semper fi…!!!
Thank you all

William Ticker,

For those who don’t know , we were blessed the day we graduated from boot camp. And our motto once a marine always a marine will stick with us until it’s our time to guard the gates. So remember things like this moveable monument , gives folks a chance to see and get the feeling it is when your are called a marine. God bless all our brothers and sisters who did not have the chance to see , what a beautiful site that was made to commend there actions to keep you being able to do what you do today . To me every day is Veterans Day , so when you get the chance, a small gesture as thanks goes along way. God bless America , and to all my brothers and sisters that are guarding the gates. Beautiful job . Semper fi CPL R.J.Miles74-78.

Rick miles,

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