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Mr. Schneider

Mr. Schneider

Sgt. Grit
This morning, upon receiving the beautiful sword, frog, and white gloves from you, I took the accompanying picture at the side of my house. I like it very much as it shows the ribbons and medals plus the First Marine Division patch, beautiful sword with tassle, white leather frog, and gloves. You have the choice of the other picture or this one for the web page entry.

Gerald Schneider

See the article below to read about Mr. Schneider

Dear Sgt. Grit,
As a result of you giving me the 1-800 number of the Navy supply company in Chesapeake, VA; then with you supplying the ribbons, medals, and sword with frog, I was able to assemble this parade ready, Dress Blue uniform. Thanks. I’ve worn it to several functions, and it really looks sharp.

A free lance reporter who lives in Fritch, Texas and does stories for newspapers in the Texas Panhandle, called me wanting pictures and text for an article. The story is included above. Over the phone, he got a few items wrong, but it is essentially correct.

If you don’t have a uniform like this, I suggest you get one and we can make some parades together. That would show off your wares and create more business, [maybe]. Wishing you and yours the best of the season.

I remain, Yours Truly,
Gerald Schneider

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