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Muddy Waters

The recent medal for bravery that I received for actions in Vietnam along the banks of the Song Vu Gia River while trying to save a wounded Marine has received an invitation from Pat Boone to meet him while he is in Chattanooga this month. The connection between Mr. Pat Boone and I goes back to his wonderful song “Moody River”. This song was playing on the radio at the time I was serving in Vietnam. It was my favorite song.

In the song the words go: “Moody River Your Muddy Waters Took My Babies Life”. But when I hear the song The words I hear are “Moody River Your Muddy Waters Took My Buddies Life”. It was along the banks of the Song Vu Gia River just south of DaNang when on October 13th, 1966 that my Marine Buddy L/Cpl. Perry L. Poole was severely wounded. Despite my efforts and Doc Harpers to save him, he died three days later from his wound in a hospital in DaNang.

Back in 2005 I started to email with Mr. Pat Boone. I told him how much the song means to me. And he was touched by my words to the song. Mr. Boone told me then that his song “Moody River” would from then on have a new meaning for him. I look forward to meeting Mr. Pat Boone later this month.

Semper Fidelis,
Sgt. Maddog

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Cpl. of Marines Steven P. Epps - March 30, 2020

Great story Marine! I was a Marine in DaNang in 1970 after serving 10 months in Okinawa!

jerry powers - March 30, 2020

hard to tell where i was but was honorable. seems like a dream . could have been brain washed. dont know where i was but was honorable. was in cuba 1972

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