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My Devil Pup

My Devil Pup

Sgt Grit,

Hi I have loved your newsletters and website. Ever sinec I left the Corps almost a year ago I have wanted nothing more than to get back in (I am unable due to a medical seperation). I wanted to share a story with you. On June 2, I had a beautiful little girl. I was extremely nervous since I was a tomboy growing up. Since she was born my fears have been calmed. She loves to "play" rough and wrestle with her puppy. She is my little devil pup. Both of her parents are Marines and it shows its in her blood. Her favorite blanket is a Marine Corps Blanket my gramma gave me for my graduation. She sleeps with it every night. And recently she has started growling…I find it hilarious.

I just wanted to share my little Devil Pup with you and thank you for this comunity.

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