My Dress Blues Still Fit

My Dress Blues Still Fit

Having just seen the piece from Wayne Dillon (fitting in his utilities), I just couldn’t resist the temptation to brag just a bit. Attached is the photo of me at the Marine Corps ball a couple of years ago. I am a Viet Nam era veteran, and at 63 years of age, I can still fit into my dress blues! These days, I only get to wear them to the annual birthday ball and the July 4th parades. I am usually asked to carry the U.S. flag leading the parade because this uniform looks so good! But, I do have to admit that they have been tailored from the original 28 inch waist, to a 31 inch waist trousers. Still, not too bad!

Phil “Akabu” Coffman
Sgt ’72-’82

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  • Henry young

    Looking at the medals, are you Vietnam era veteran or Vietnam veteran…. Semper Fi. Bro…

  • Mike Kunkel

    Brad…..His hair is too long, but the Fu-Manchu mustache Phil is sporting is OK? You are kidding I hope. Lighten up dude.

  • Mike Kunkel

    Holy Crap Phil…Can you imagine what they would do to you if you had put the barracks cover on with hair out of regs for the photo? They would have wanted to cut your balls off!!! LOL

  • Clinton B. Caldwell

    Really he wasn’t out of the house, he was proving he could still put on his Blues. Good for you Sgt, there isn’t many that could wear any of their uniform. Don’t be so critical, can you put on your uniform? We are to be our brothers back not his enemy. Bernie Caldwell 1954-1957 Anglco 3rd Mar Div

  • Brad Hitchenrider Sgt of Marines 63-69

    A real Marine would have shaved to comply with the wearing the blues. You still are accountable! Mustache is ok, anything else NOT.

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