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My Fallen Brothers

My Fallen Brothers
by Wm.H.Miller

There upon the forgotten battlefields
Where the dense jungle now grows
And there are no markers to even show
The final resting place of my fallen bothers
Nor the ultimate sacrifice made by so many others.

Though its been some thirty odd years
My memories and never ending dreams
Continue to flood my heart with pain filled tears.
There upon my chest they rest, the Purple Heart
And medals they awarded me,
But I would gladely trade them all
If only God would allow me to erase
Just one name there uopn that black
Memeorial Wall.

Now like a wounded warrior all alone
And still on patrol, I continue to watch
And wait for my fallen brothers to finally
Come marching home.

Wm.H.Miller USMC
CAP 236 2nd. CAG. 3rd. MAF
I CORP. 1970


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