My Favorite Hat

My Favorite Hat

By: Brian Chambers

So I bought this hat when It was first released, and it quickly became the only hat I will wear. Even in the dead of Illinois winters I had this baby on. My wife gives me a hard time about wearing it all the time but it doesn’t stop me. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it and they ask me where I got it so I give them the info. I think it might be time for a new one, at least one that looks good to wear to church. ?

Brian Chambers

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  • Mike Kunkel

    Where’s the old MSgt terminology/nomenclature nazi when you need him? Ahhh, I don’t get caught up too much anymore on shit like hat versus cover. I call it a cover but use of the other terms don’t really bother me, unless it’s coming from the piehole of a fake. Just a few weeks ago I got called out on here by an old Marine for committing the heinous crime of calling a dress shirt a blouse. So I fucked up. Big fucking deal. If Brian wants to call his baseball cap a hat back off. It’s not like he called a uniform cover a hat. For that you could bust his balls but for a baseball hat? It’s a fucking hat ok……About the only one that bothers me is to hear a rifle or piece being called a gun. Semper Fi Marines and Happy Fathers Day to all dads out there!!! Mike

  • H.Neil Berke

    Hi Jim, I attended Parris Island Feb. 1959, Plt 113. Semper Fi

  • Phil Albers

    A “hat” has a brim all the way around. A cap has a bill. DI’s wear a Hat. Civilians wear caps. All Marines wear “COVERS”! How hard is that? Phil Albers 67-71, PhuBai, DaNang 68-69. SEMPER FI

  • Jim Angelo

    Page 2; Brian when you get to a certain age ,, your brain housing group gets F.U.B.A.R. If you are looking for a cover/hat for Sunday (s) ,, I have a cover I wear on Sundays only. From Sgt. Grit. The saying on the cover above The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, says; God Country Corps hope this helps.

  • Jim Angelo

    Brian; Does it matter what it’s called as long as it keep’s the sun, snow, rain, and what ever else falls from above. On subjects of the rite name, “Women wear pants, Men wear trousers”. Yet when we go to buy said item, or try to get dressed, we, (men), are told ,, Put your pants on, or when are you going to get some new pants !!! University of Parris Island 1959 ,,Plt. 112 Charlie Company.

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