My Favorite Hat

My Favorite Hat

By: Brian Chambers

So I bought this hat when It was first released, and it quickly became the only hat I will wear. Even in the dead of Illinois winters I had this baby on. My wife gives me a hard time about wearing it all the time but it doesn’t stop me. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it and they ask me where I got it so I give them the info. I think it might be time for a new one, at least one that looks good to wear to church. ?

Brian Chambers

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  • jerry powers

    thats great. i wear serval hats also. i have one about like yours, got it from vfw.

  • MB 7185 USMC 64-68

    It’s a fricking “COVER” 100% of the time. If you went to USMC Boot Camp you should know better. It’s never a “#at”. I can’t even say that nasty word!! Always remember what the HELL you’re taught or someday your D.I. Will appear and choke your ASS out….USMC SSgt 0369 VietNam veteran 66-67. Semper Fi to all True Marines……

  • Al Jeronymo

    I have 5 Marine covers and 1 Pow-Mia cover and I rotate them and wear one every day. Won’t go out without my cover. Oorah, Semper Fi. Quang Tri 1969, MAG-39.

  • Larry Reynolds

    Know what you mean. That quickly became my favorite hat/cover as well. Love it. It just feels great on me. Took up where John Voracek left off: L. Reynolds, Sgt. March 66 – September 67. 1/7 Chu Lai and DaNang


    Hey Grunt… Name a Price… I’ll Buy it. I keep loosing COVERS I’ve had for years. Salty is the best. My Favorite was almost an Ollllllld Boot Camp Cover that look like it Survived Khe Sanh and Hue. Serious … Love the Salty S***. J.V. U.S.M.C. 62-66 The Bush May 7th 65 – March 7th 66 Chu Lai – DaNang B 1/4 – A 1/3

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