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My husband Sgt. Whalen

Sgt Skyler Whalen

Hello Sgt. Grit

My name is Emily Whalen, I am happily and proudly married to Sgt. Skyler Whalen. We get alot of things from your very nice online store you have put together. He is home for about 10 more days and then he is going back to afgan I couldnt live without your store I could build a dog house from all the nik-naks I got. I had an old marine salute me yesterday he saw me emlem on every window of my truck and it just made me feel like shouting out to you were getting Skyler a Marine Corps Saddle made for christmas his 2 most loved things n one i will send you an image of what it looks like you might get a kick out of it.

Sincerly Emily Whalen

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