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I always enjoy reading the stories from Marines and their family members in the Sgt Grits newsletters, and seeing the photos they include. I'd like to share my pride in my husband with my own letter and photos. He recently retired from the Marine Corps, here at Quantico, VA, after nearly 29 years of service. He was able to be joined at his retirement by many members of his family including his parents, brothers and their families, daughter and son and daughter-in-law! And of course, me, his wife! He retired shortly after his safe return from an Iraq deployment. Our son is also a Marine veteran, having served his 4 years as an armorer, and now working for a police department in CA. Thank you for letting me brag for a moment on the my Marine! I've attached a few pics I hope you will allow me to share!

Donella Spencer
Proud Wife of CWO5 Paul D. Spencer, USMC EOD (Ret)

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