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My Marines

My Marines

Just thought I would send this picture of MY MARINES. It was created by a friend of ours ? the final version will be a Christmas gift to each of our families.

The top left is Posey S. Stanley ? an ordinance specialist at Quantico; while doing a training demonstration blasting caps exploded in his hand. He lost some use of his hand and shrapnel was still left in his face; as a side bar ? the first thing he said when they got to him was ?make sure the other guy demonstrating knows about the caps?.

Posey was in the Army first and then went into the Marines; he was in the 3rd wave on Guadalcanal. We figure he served about 13 years maybe a couple more;

Top right is Lawrence E Winston Sr ?HOP? ? also served in WWII as a clerk;
Middle left is Graham E. Winston ? served in heavy equipment at 29 Palms and as a DI at Lejeune, retired in 2002
Bottom is Lawrence E Winston Jr ? served in supply during Viet Nam era until 1963.

Three generations; Posey is the uncle; LEW Sr is father; LEW Jr. and GEW are sons. Posey and Hop have passed

Alice Winston

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