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My New Tattoo

My New Tattoo

Gus Guillen and Metlon Johnson Sgt Grit,
I served in the Marines from 1/10/69 to 15/11/71 and was in country in Vietnam in April 8, 1970. I was attached to guns squad with Echo 2/7 and was known as Rat. My name is Gus Guillen and live in Winston, Oregon since 1972. On September 26, 1970 Echo Co was patrolling above Dodge City I believe in the Que Son mountains when I stepped on a booby trap and lost both legs below the knees. I am looking for Melton M. Johnson from Baltimore and others from Echo, Fox, Golf, and Hotel Companies in 1970. I have attached a picture of myself and Melton at FSB Baldy. I need to let him and all of Echo Co. that I made it home and am still alive and proud of being a Marine. I need to show them my new tattoo.

Semper Fi Sgt Grit and welcome home.
Augustine R. Guillen, USMC Retired.

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