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Just my opinion: I have know idea if boot camp is harder today or fifty+ years ago. I think everything is relative to the times. I do believe that the marine’s of today are better trained than we were. The one big difference is, we did not have to deal with the PC Police watching and listening to everything we do or say, or diversity training. What a crock. And they wonder why moral and military discipline is at an all time low. I blame the past administration.

My grand-son is in the Army ( 8yrs; S/Sgt. ) I am extremely proud of him. When he deployed to Afghanistan it scared the crap out of his grandmother and me. He came home safe and sound, not a scratch. Our prayers were answered. We would set and talk about his deployment, he told me some stories that made me mad as hell. It had to do with the “ Rules of Engagement “. While on patrol with his unit ( on many occasions ), they would come under fire from insurgents. If the insurgents had the upper hand they would stand and fight. But if that changed, what did they do? Throw down their weapons and raise their hands over their heads and surrender. Now it really gets worse. They must arrest them and read them there rights. Then turn them over to Intelligence. ( thats a contradiction in terms ) To be questioned. After they are questioned, guess what is done? Turned loose to go back into the fight. Now what moron came up with that load of crap? I can only hope with the election of the new Commander in Chief and the appointment of Gen. Mattis as Sec. Of Defense this will all change.

This is just my opinion, and opinions are like noeses, everybody has one.

Chuck Wilson
1958 – 1962
MCRD Plt. 1019

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