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Hello everyone,

My name is Rosetta M. Archie and I was in the USMC 37 years ago.  I went to boot-camp in Jan of 1979 and don't have my yearbook, platoon picture, and my portrait picture.  I graduated March 19, 1979.  The reason I don't have these things is because everything was lost in a move I made 25 years ago.

I was in Platoon 2A and had a GySgt Buckley, GySgt Renfro, Sgt Gaylor,and Sgt Siedman in Parris Island, SC and I have been so frustrated. I would be satisfied with just my platoon picture and appreciate this so much.

If anyone can help I would be thankful and grateful and I will put a copy of my picture in with this message to see if anyone will recognize me. 

God Bless you all and Semper Fi!!!

All the best,

Rosetta M. Archie

PFC Archie, R.M.

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