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My Special Creation Passed Muster

My Special Creation Passed Muster

My Marine has had to travel a lot over the years as he's pursued his high-tech career. Expert at traveling light, his ditty bag was a Delta Airline's promotional that he found so practical. Unzip it like a zippered Bible and open it flat to reveal two clear plastic zippered compartments. Kept everything neat and TSA always cleared it. But its years of use showed in all the ripped plastic making it unusable.

So I decided at make him one without his knowledge. Had to measure the dying bag, figure out all the pieces, make the pattern and painstakingly determine in just what order to sew them to each other. Found my Eagle, Globe and Anchor patch and wanted to use that on the front, but didn't want it stitched on top (ala that "loving hands at home" look) and thought that if I inset it the whole bag would look more professional. HARD work! Many times during the construction I feared I would never finish it. But true to the encouraging poster I made and mounted above my computer, I improvised, I adapted, and I overcame!

He'd been out of work for 7 weeks and this Monday we went out to dinner to celebrate his brand new job which will require occasional trips from Washington State to Charleston, SC. I presented him the new shaving kit and when he unwrapped it and unzipped it he was delighted! The first words were "Wow, did you find this on Grit?!" He knows you sell really great stuff. It really raised my self-esteem to know that my special creation passed muster enough for him to think it was sold by you guys!

Keep up the good work!

Harriet Cook
Very Proud Wife and Mother of United States Marines! 

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