My Time in the Nam

I was attached to Bravo 1/7 , 1st Marine Division as a Corpsman. Went to NSA hospital three times ,as a patient, in the first three months. Two purple hearts, ten medals in all. Good grief; didn’t know Corpsman were such a big target. I love the Corps; never saw a ship! That’s fine too, I go to Marine Corps functions only. Semper Fi , Doc 1966-1970
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  • G Willard 0311, 8651, 8511….

    YES Bill. The time I thought I was wrong….and I wasn’t. Think we learned to use that one week one in D.I. school at P.I. LOLOLOL. (Not an original line. Fonzi said that to Richie Cunningham when Richie asked him that same question on “Happy Days”). Thanks for making me laugh at myself Gunner, made my day. Speaking of right and wrong Bill, excellent pick on Alpha “2/1”!!! And props to you; NOTHING more terrifying than a shotgun blast and you guys breathing fire out of a “60” in the dark of night. Hump all the belts I could for you ’31’s. SEMPER FI Bill.

  • Bill 0331

    Good point G. Willard. Have you ever been wrong? Bill 0331

  • G Willard 0311, 8651, 8511,….

    Paul Ford: Selected by interview board for D.I. School ’70 while at 2nd Recon, Onslow Beach. Came out on the Field (3rd Bn) June ’70 at 20 yrs old. Think I was more scared first day out than you recruits lol. For some reason E-6’s, E-7’s, E-8’s, and Bn Sgt Maj kept me under their wing constantly, like big brothers. FOREVER grateful to them!! Bill 0331: Not that it matters at all, that is geographically correct gunner, but the first battle for Quang Tri province primarily affected Quang Tri City, Thanh Pho Hue, AND Danang.

  • Nick

    Harry, I refuse to let the stupid politics of the war take away the fact that we fought our ass off!! NEVER ! We did not lose the war our SMART ASS politicians just walked away from it. Hold your head high brother Nick

  • Murray hermanson

    Good to hear from you Harry, I was wondering where you were. Not many know what a 1371 did but you and I do and yes I am proud to have been one. Or is it like always a Marine, we are always a 1371? Been waiting for the new stories they should be on the page soon maybe later today. One of these days I am going to submit a story, I keep telling myself that any way, will see. Don’t be bummin’ out today. Happy Vietnam War day back at you Harry.

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