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My Uncle, My Hero, My Heart

My Uncle, PFC Harold W. Jinright fought in the battle at Chosin Reservoir. This amazing man is 100% a Marine. “Gunny” as his son calls him, is a kind, thoughtful, sharp witted man with an awesome sense of humor and the most patriot human I have ever met.

Back in the day, PFC Jinright and his wife called each other Mr. & Mrs. Jones. Now that I am older, I changed that to Uncle Jones “Jonsey”, much to his delight. A few years ago Jonsey returned to Quantico and a photo was taken of him in front of his barracks as it was in 1949. I was able to combine the two which made a beautiful memory for all of us. Jonsey also returned later this year for one more OOHAH!

In October, Jonsey is coming from El Monte CA to Surprise AZ to feast on some of his great niece’s chili and cornbread. Then in November he will be attending his 90th birthday party where he prefers to have a Marine theme and photo’s because he is, and always will be, a Marine.

It is with much pride and love that I type these words and memories. My heart breaks and I usually shed some tears as I try to gather info and photos to help Jonsey with his project requests. The Chosin Few as well as the millions that share his love of our country and give so very much to us are the true meanings behind the word Hero’s.

PFC Harold W. Jinright was medevacked to Japan in December 1950 with severe frostbite that affects him greatly to this day. He along with so many of his fellow Marines suffered more than most of us can even imagine and so many made the ultimate sacrifice. PFC Jinright refuses to take praise for his bravery and sacrifice and will laugh and say his only job at the Chosin Reservoir was to make snow balls for the weapons to shoot at the enemy.

But that’s ok; I have enough pride for the both of us. My eternal gratitude to all of you that have the courage and strength to do the many things you have to do to protect us. Thank you for your service.

I am attaching two photos. The one with the weapons and Marine’s was taken at Quantico. The Marine in the middle, hands on hips with the don’t mess with the Marine’s look on his face is my Marine, PFC Harold W. Jinright. The photo taken in 1949 by his barrack’s, he is on the right.

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Donna Weekley - May 22, 2020

Thank You for Your Service Will. You must have a thousand memories just as Jonsey does. This coward is not certain how you as well as many others gather the courage to do what you do, but thank God that you do! Hopefully you have a few good memories along with the nightmarish ones. May I also include your kind thoughts and wishes on Jonsey birthday photo flyer? Thank YOU for all you have done!

Donna Weekley - May 22, 2020

In reply to Jim Burroughs.
Thank you Jim. Would you mind if I put your birthday wishes and thanks on Jonsey’s photo flyer that will be given to his guest at his party?

Donna Weekley - May 22, 2020

In reply to J. Stone.
Thank you for telling me that J. Stone. I thought I had messed up.

Donna Weekley - May 22, 2020

In reply to J. Stone.
Thank you for telling me that J. Stone. I thought I had messed up.

Donna Weekley - May 22, 2020

In reply to John T. Durant USMC ‘54-’57.
Hi John, so sorry for your loss. Our guys went through hell over there as do millions of military men & women from all branches of service. This ole gal is not brave or strong enough to endure even a smidgen of what they had to, and continue to, go through. Thanks for sharing your story. I will gladly share with Uncle Jones after his party, all of this is going to be a surprise for him, I am unable to attend so I will print out cards or flyers with the posting that you read earlier. I haven’t quite figured out how to present them to him and his guest just yet but I will. I can’t ask too many questions of Jonsey because he is way too sharp to fool on any level. I have a lot of fun planned for him as he celebrates that huge milestone birthday so I need to be a bit sneaky but I did manage to get a little more detail from him that I hope will help us figure out if our boys were connected in any way. Jonsey is 10 times sharper than the next 2 generations after him so I will keep asking him in small bits as we speak often by phone. This is what I got from this mornings conversation; 2nd Battalion – 7th Marine – Heavy weapons – E Company, but dang if I didn’t the forget the Fox info after he told me. If I may ask, do you know where I could post his pictures somewhere on this site? Mainly because he would be so proud to see them here. I appreciate you sharing your brother’s info with me. You above most others know what true Hero’s our Marines are. Take care John.

Will Border - May 22, 2020

Happy birthday “Jonsey”, Semper Fi, from a combat Marine of the Vietnam War. Thank you for all you have done, welcome home. When you get back to Quantico, stop by the Marine Corps Museum, they have a lot of displays that are very realist and bring back some memories, both bad ones as well as the good ones. Thanks again, we appreciate all you had to endure.

Jim Burroughs - May 22, 2020

Happy Birthday and Semper Fi Jonesey. Thank you sir for your service.

J. Stone - May 22, 2020

Not publishing the most pertinent photos is Grits most reliableMOS

John T. Durant USMC ’54-’57 - May 22, 2020

DONNA, You didn’t us what unit he was in !! My older brother, by six years, was in Fox-2-5. He was also at Chosin and medivaced to Japan for frostbite, which bothered him until he past in1986.

Donna Weekley - May 22, 2020

🙁 You didn’t print my photos.

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