My US Marine

by Topsgal1977

You stole my heart one summer night
You took my breath away
I saw you when you came in
As I sat in Frank’s Hideaway.

A whilwind romance then we were wed
Not one second was I bored.
Then a sword slapped me on my behind
“Welcome, Mam, to the US Marine Corps.”

Culture shock and changing times
I guess I never knew
I was already one of the proud
And now I was learning of the few.

We take care of our own,
I learned to take my part
Helping others was my job
Showing wives how to cope
And never to lose heart.

Our men were often far away
We held them in our heart
We stuck together-the girls and I
And waited for mail to start.

Our sons tried to take up the slack
They tried to cheer me, make me laugh
Did all they could to keep my happy
Until their Dad was back

Beirust, Norway, the Carribean
Egypt, Thailand and Singapore
You saw lands and shores galore
But all I saw was I wanted you back
Cause no one could love you more!

The brotherhood I understand
It’s the bond that makes you strong
You have to have each other’s back
To keep your brothers from harm.

If I boast and brag on you
Remember you’re the best I’ve ever seen
I”m oh so proud to be the wife
Of a United States Marine.

Honor, Courage, Valor …color your lives
Always faithful, You all swore
You are built on 3 foundations
An Eagle, Globe and Anchor
You never needed anything more.

The Eagle stands for freedom
The Globe stands for the Duty Scenes
The Anchor, well, that’s where I come in
Keeping solid your hopes and dreams.

So, if my car looks like an ad to you
And I wear all kinds of military things
Just know it’s my way of saying “Thanks”

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