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My USMC tattoo

My USMC tattoo Admin |

By: Marie Finnegan

My traditional style eagle, globe and anchor. I served for 6 years in 1986-1992 and was a jet mechanic on A-4 Skyhawks. (seatshop) I also did a tour as a Marine Security Guard in the first class to accept women. 3 of us graduated MSG school in 1988. 1918 is the year women were allowed to join the Marines serving in the reserves. I added the date to my tattoo as a hat tip to the women who came before me. My step father was a Marine and in November my son graduated from Parris Island, so now we are a three generation USMC family.


ooohhh r\Rrraaaahh semper fi marine, enough said.

Dean monington,

I tip my hat to my sister Marine. Awesome way to remember all OUR fellow sister Marines. Good job!! SEMPER FI

Sgt Guibord,

Love the traditional Sailor Jerry Style.

William Sweeney,

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