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National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day

U.S. Marine Corps pilots with 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing talk about how the invention of powered aviation has impacted their lives and how it has allowed 2nd MAW to accomplish its mission across the globe at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C. National Aviation Day is a day to appreciate powered aviation and how it changed the world.

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Fred Unsworth, SSgt. 1970 – 1978 - April 30, 2020

I was at MCAS Beaufort when the Harriers arrived. I also got to watch the future pilots of these incredible aircraft hover over the closed runways in Hueys trying to get the feel for hovering. No trainers for the AV8. Those pilots were a lot like Lt. Cunningham. They were given a manual to read, a few British pilots to explain things, and then wished good luck as they flew solo for their first flight in the aircraft. … I also remember a winter day when we had a dusting of snow. VMA 513 volunteered to taxi on the runways and burn off the snow. … An AV-8 squadron also went to Pohang, Korea in 1976 for Team Spirit. I was an air traffic controller and vividly remember them hovering over their VTOL pad blowing the dust off. VTOL on Pohang’s runways wasn’t safe as they tried it and blew off chunks of asphalt.

Ron Shinall - April 30, 2020

Why not,Oh I guess that could cause some problems with the democrats itching to burn any body especially a salty old marine.

Ron Shinall - April 30, 2020

HOORAH, I was on the tarmac at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort {Mucus Beaufort } Attending a manditory ceramony for the very first Harriers arriving from England.It was really a sight to see when a whole squadron of aircraft flew in at a very slow speed and gently setteled to the deck.20 to 22 aircraft.the year was 1972 and myself and a couple of fellow seargents were allowed a close look.It was truly awsome.,

Harry - April 30, 2020

During Veterans Day week Las Vegas 2005 attended a big “Welcome Home Vietnam Vets”parade also the airshow at Nellis AFB. A lot of great aerobatics including the Air Force Thunder Birds.The show stopper for me and many others in the crowd was the flight of the USMC “Harrier” VTOL many oohs and ahhs from the crowd.USMC Proud. OOH! RAH! USMC Aviation! Harry

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