NCO Sword Star

Sgt Grit: I recently looked up the subject of the Star of David on the NCO Sword. You have two choices as to why it is there.

  1. The Star of David is also known as the Star of Damascus. In ancient times Damascus Syria was known as the fine metals capitol of the world and their trademark was the Star of Damascus aka Star of David.
  2. One definition of the Star of David is “Leader of Men”

Take your pick I could not find any official reference as to why it is there.

Semper Fi

Sgt Ronald (Bud) Albright
USMC 55-60

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  • Rusty Hubbarth

    One of my DI’s, the extremely “Heavy Hat” of Plt. 140, PISC 1973, made a point of showing me the Mogen David on his sword. I thought, but did not ask, that if he killed 4 more would he be an Ace? For once I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut.That DI retired as a Master Sgt. and went on to become a multi-millionaire in the market. I’ve spoken to him a few times since. Bill Leopold, a man who has been successful in every aspect. Semper Fi!!

  • BILL Wilson

    The emblem you call the Star of David is a proof mark from the guild masters who made swords and sabers. All sabers and swords in ancient times had to be tested to see that they would hold up to wear and tear in combat or otherwise. If they held up, they were considered proven (approved) for usage. My NCO saber was made by Solingen and the symbol even has the word “proved” on it. This is one of the things taught in NCO school, way back in the mid-60’s (yeah I’m an old fart and the saber was one of my original 782 gear issue). Semper Fi and Semper Gumby!

  • Malcolm Forbes

    The six point star on the sword is not new. My father was a USN officer in WW1 and I have his sword, with the six point star on it. At this point that sword is now 100 years old. One web site pointed out that while there are indeed six points on the star, the Star of David consists of two interlocking triangles, US swords just have six points; close, but that only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. And for whatever it may be worth, back in the fifties NCO’s started wearing a sword and carrying swagger sticks, but the swords were the Navy CPO cutlasses. Curved blade and a large brass hand guard. You can see one at The handle on today’s USMC NCO sword is very similar to my father’s Navy officers sword. Blades are different: navy was straight, USMC NCO are curved a bit, but less than the cutlass.Semper Fi Cpl Malcolm Forbes USMC 1954-57

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