Never Forgotten Sacrifice

Never Forgotten Sacrifice

Kailey Demarsico Sookey pays tribute to her brother Michael Demarsico before her wedding July 16,2016. Michael was KIA in Afghanistan 2012. Continue reading
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  • GySgt Ulfsax

    As a retired 03 “ground pounder”, I just want to say that you brought a tear to my eye young lady. Please remember….. Your brother is up, guarding the gates to heaven, and one day he will be able to tell you face to face how much you meant to him. Semper Fi…….. GySgt U (ret) 1986-2007

  • Bill Martin GSgt USMC (Ret)

    A huge OOH RAH for you and your brother!!

  • Sgt Jim Pishock USMC

    Kailey, what you did was unbelievable, you are a fantastic sister. God bless you and your husband.

  • A.J. Apodaca

    My God, what a hell of a tribute. May God bless you always young lady and may the spirit of the Marine Corps never die within your heart. Sgt. A.J. Apodaca RVN.

  • Sgt D.P. Moore USMC

    Kailey You are an awesome sister! Your Brother is in Heaven -looking down on you -Blessing your wedding! Heaven is where all Marines go! God Bless You for your awesome tribute to your brother! Semper Fi! SGT D.P. Moore -USMC 0311-Vietnam Vet

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