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Never Had A Swabby

Never Had A Swabby Admin |

Read Cpl Schweim's letter re landings: I was assigned to the 3rd Marine Division, 12th Marines, during 1961- 62, we made many amphibious landings training with the Republic of Vietnam and other Units, off-loading from the APA Pickaway in the South China Sea to Thailand we climbed the ropes to the landing craft. The South China Sea was seldom calm, so the LST would bounce up and down sometimes hitting the side of the ship. Marines in full gear would climb the ropes while Marines on the landing craft would try to hold the ropes. However we never had a swabby directing us. One incident I recall a Marine did not have his helmet chin strap buckled and it fell from the APA's deck to the landing craft fortunately missing us, we listened to orders and had our steel pots on and secured. I have attached some photos of the operation.

Semper Fi!
Frank Viggiano
USMC '60 – '64
USMCR '70 – '74 

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