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New Recruiting Ad: Marines Want Women with ‘Fighting Spirit’

Most Marine Corps recruiting commercials have not shown female Marines fighting – until now.

The latest commercial “Battle Up” shows the evolution of a female Marine, starting when she is a young girl stopping bullies at school, through her days as a rugby player and ultimately as a convoy commander, leading her Marines as they fight through an ambush. It ends showing her as a vet helping the homeless.

“Marines don’t back down from a fight – whether personal, in combat, or when confronted with injustice; Marines fight and win the battles they face throughout their lives,” Marine Corps Recruiting Command spokesman Lt. Col. John Caldwell said in a news release.

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The new commercial comes after female poolees and recruits told market researchers between that there was a disparity between how male and female Marines were depicted in recruiting material, Jonathan Chavez, co-founder and chief analytics officer with the analytics company Social Sphere, told Marine Corps Times in April 2016.

“One of the things that we heard in particular is that depictions of females up to that point in Marine Corps advertising had largely depicted females in training environments,” Chavez said. “Male advertising — or general market advertising — also featured Marines actually in service, in fleet, doing their jobs.”

“Battle Up” makes clear that the Marines are looking for fighters, and that includes highly motivated women.

“No one knows where it comes from; why some have it and some don’t: It’s the fighting spirit, and it needs to be fed,” a narrator says in a voice-over. “It consumes fear, self-doubt and weakness. It stands ready to protect those in danger and to fight whatever shape the battle takes.”

Capt. Erin Demchko, who plays the convoy commander in the commercial, has served on a Female Engagement Team in Afghanistan, a Defense Department news story says. Her awards include the Combat Action Ribbon.

“I fight every day to sharpen my mind, strengthen my body, and to take care of the Marines to my right and left,” Demchko said in the news release. “My fighting spirit is the continuous drive that I have to accomplish my mission.”

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GREGORY PAWLIK - April 15, 2020

It is madness to assign women to infantry positions!!!!!!!!! There are plenty of MOS’s they can be placed in. Yes, I admire any young woman who can make it through PI, but is our country that desperate that we need them in the 0300 mos category? If our country is desperate for bodies to fill the ranks, I’m getting off this planet just in time. Thank heavens I lived in the best of times.”

Donald Key [68-72] - April 15, 2020

In reply to Bob.
Yeah i caught that one also, haha

Bob - April 15, 2020

In reply to David Thomas.
“Commissioned” as a SSgt??

Sgt. Eric Tipton - April 15, 2020

Marines here seem to be promoting a stereotype woman from the 1950s. There are a lot of tuff athletic women today who could cut it if the men showed enough discipline and respect to let them do their jobs. Don’t blame the women for your lack of discipline. There were some pretty wimpy guys in my platoon at PI in 1966 and they made it through. Remember, they are not going to draft women of the streets and push them into combat. It’s all volunteer. I’d be the last to push someone in over their head but if they can cut it (and there are those that can) I would not stand in their way. I was running a10K out and back run some years ago and shortly after making the turn for home, I met my 7 month pregnant neighbor approaching the turn with a hundred men trailing her. Then 2 days out of the hospital after delivery she was out for another run. She could fight along side of me any time. Semper Fi!

Marty - April 15, 2020

In reply to buzz alpert, Sgt E-5, 1960-66, Parris Island.
What a great response, having gone thru boot camp in 1940 era before all the modern tools available to day with 10 drill instructors 24hrs a day for a total of 4 months until graduation no women could have made it. Semper Fi Sgt. Marty

Larry Slemons - April 15, 2020

In reply to William F. Murphy.
Strongly AGREE!! Combat is NOT a situation where I want to see women. Plenty of places for them to serve that is every bit as important!!

Donald - April 15, 2020

Women do not belong in front line units, Period.

DANIEL R. PHIPPS - April 15, 2020

In reply to Pete Dahlstrom ‘68-’74.
To all women who aspire to be REAL U.S. MARINES. Know and research what you are going after. Do not listen to those left wing people in our country who would try to change your minds of a great career in the United States Marine Corps. Let this weekend remind you of all the blood shed by all Marines in wars past, to give you the strength to make the decision to go on to become Marines. The recent scandal of porn which the Commadant had to answer to in Washington, D.C. in front of politicians was hard for me to watch, but the true qualities of great Marines will shine until we guard the Heavenly gates forever. Semper Fi to all.

Darrell - April 15, 2020

In reply to Dan.
Dan As a former Corpsman I agree with you 100% . Even the Navy as become PC weak. Time out for basic if the instructor becomes too hard. I have a friend who’s daughter who’s a Sgt in the Corp. She said the MEN were treated harsher than the women.

Dan - April 15, 2020

Semper Fi Brendon & Don, thanks!

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