Nick Names

In the early 60’s at P.I. the battalion nick names were:

1st batt.—“Dodge City”
2nd batt.—“The Twilight Zone”
3rd batt.—“Disneyland” (the new brick buildings)

I have no idea when these nick names started or if they have been changed over the years only other Marines can answer that so all you alumni from P.I and S.D. from the “Old School” to today send in the nick names they were using when you were in boot and list either P.I. or S.D. and also what year you went to boot and the Women Marines must have some nice nick names for your batt./company also.

LCpl Joe Lacey
PLT 127 P.I.
May-Aug 1961

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  • E. Dennis Johnson

    I remember the 1st. battalion being the Twilight Zone. The 2nd. was Dodge City and the third was Disneyland. Platoon 131 March 1964. We graduated in June and the temperature was 101 degrees.

  • Richard [Ski] Krawczynski Cpl USMC 1888xxx mos 1141

    P.I. January 1960 3rd Battalion.305 We lived in the Quonset huts with no heat,water or heads.Had to fall into formation outside of the huts and march to the end of the compound in underwear,towel and cleaning gear to sh– , shave and shower.We moved into the new barracks a couple weeks before graduation in March.It was a Disneyland for us.But never heard the expression.

  • David Florea

    P.I. in 1993 3rd battalion was “Thumping Third”, 1st was “Hollywood” and can’t remember what they referred to 2nd as. Was at P.I. in Sept of 2016 for my daughter’s graduation an the new 3rd battalion barracks you all are referring to have mostly been torn down, I bought a brick from one of them.

  • Jesse Griffin VSM CAR CIB

    What a pleasure to see the main gate sign of my home town. Born, raised, and trained there.

  • Lester Bell

    Plt 3004 Oct 68 grad. 3rd Bn as still “Disneyland”. However, the ground floor of the buildings mad for a swimming pool or a swamp with addition of dirt.

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