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No Longer Green

No Longer Green

Here is a photo of my Scarf which was green in 1966, the year that I join Marine Corps, this item was part of uniforms issued to us at MCRD, I never wore it while I was in the Marine Corps. But, just as Sgt Reeder stated… it was (rayon or ??). This item was a pain in the wazoo during a Junk on the Bunk inspection because it tended to literally crawl off the display. It is 11"x 48". As you can see it is no longer green after 40 plus years and a few washings, I must say that it has come in handy on cold mornings when riding my motorcycle.

R. Ybarra USMC 1966-1969
M Co, 3/26, A Co 1/9  

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