No Rose Garden Coming Home During Vietnam War

No Rose Garden Coming Home During Vietnam War

In your newsletter one person in a comment went to Thailand after the War- my best friend is there too- wound up in Pattaya Beach- ( hope it is spelled correct) – fed up with bullshit here in the states- and a big ex-pat community there- also- one group is in the Philipines too- sorry to say that I can feel for those who found it tough to exist here. I stayed like many others and faced and still face some assholes who still are arm chair quarterbacks as to expounding information – and naturally all wrong it seems. The world is not what it used to be- and now with ISIS and the nut job in North Korea- a President who is a new experience for us- who wants radical changes ( good and bad ) for us. I have no answers– but I would enlist again in a heartbeat if I was younger and faced with the same decision parameters as I was against in 1963- I am proud of Old Glory and the U S of A – and still get riled about the wanna-bees who abuse our Country for silly rhetoric- and thank you Sgt Grit for a place to rave and rant about a chance to voice our opinions- we do not always agree- but enjoy the present- look forward to the future- and remember the past.
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  • Ron Hall

    I stand with you 100%, and would readily take up arms again if needed. Semper Fi.

  • Mike Kerrigan

    The Middle East similar to Viet Nam is a waste of our youth – not only from death, but also from the traumatic wounds that survivors come home with. Then there is the money that is also a waste and could be used to improve the lives of our people. The Arab people do not want us there as did the Vietnamese. The Arabs have been killing each other and anyone else in the region for the 1000 + years. The United States will do nothing to change that. Just another major mistake that we should have learned from Viet Nam – but didn’t……..

  • Rick Parker

    I can’t imagine how you guys feel! I was too young for Vietnam. I had an older cousin that served, and I saw what it had done to him. He spoke with me about what he had seen and what happened there. He was getting me to try and understand that war was not anything like “The Sands of Iwo Jima” and “other war films of the time. No glory, no triumphant music playing in the background! Just blood, guts and death. It took a very large toll on him, as I’m sure it did with you guys! I have always supported the veterans of the Vietnam war. I remember to well the treatment you received when you came home. I’m sorry you guys had to deal with all of that and the “toll” the war had already taken on you! You guys are my “Heroes” and I support you guys, because as you have said just like my cousin know buddy can understand unless they were there and experienced what you did! My heart will always be with yo guys! The Marine Corps has always meant a lot too me! My Dad was a former Marine. We lost him a year and a half ago. The Corps meant a lot to him and he instilled that in me. I failed to mention earlier my cousin was also in the Corps. Semper Fi, Marines!

  • Donald Shelton

    Again, A-men Brother,OLD CORPS forever, SEMPER FI

  • John Skoufis

    I was there about the same time (mid-60s) and took great pride in the Corps and especially in America. I encourage all of those that feel America is not worth living in or if they feel hostility to America to leave. Others who are unhappy with the progressive anti-America agenda that stifles all speech but theirs and uses political correctness to achieve what can only be described as ridiculous, to gather and oppose them, vote, and ignore the silliness they want to acheive. We as Marines were never silenced and there is no reason to do it now.

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