No Rose Garden Coming Home During Vietnam War

No Rose Garden Coming Home During Vietnam War

In your newsletter one person in a comment went to Thailand after the War- my best friend is there too- wound up in Pattaya Beach- ( hope it is spelled correct) – fed up with bullshit here in the states- and a big ex-pat community there- also- one group is in the Philipines too- sorry to say that I can feel for those who found it tough to exist here. I stayed like many others and faced and still face some assholes who still are arm chair quarterbacks as to expounding information – and naturally all wrong it seems. The world is not what it used to be- and now with ISIS and the nut job in North Korea- a President who is a new experience for us- who wants radical changes ( good and bad ) for us. I have no answers– but I would enlist again in a heartbeat if I was younger and faced with the same decision parameters as I was against in 1963- I am proud of Old Glory and the U S of A – and still get riled about the wanna-bees who abuse our Country for silly rhetoric- and thank you Sgt Grit for a place to rave and rant about a chance to voice our opinions- we do not always agree- but enjoy the present- look forward to the future- and remember the past.
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  • Sgt Robert L Sisson

    I had 2 friends that also moved over there. Marty I was in the Corp with still lives in CHIANG MAI and Dave I went to high school with who has since passed away lived in RAWAI PHU Ket. Both really good guys. They both moved over there for the same reason.

  • Sgt Robert L Sisson

    In reply to Lawrence Cook.
    Are you the same Larry Cook that was a C-2 in 1969? Rear area Dong Ha. Did you have a good friend Joe Perez????

  • Tony Sexton

    Welcome Home Marine! Semper Fi

  • Jim Leggieri

    Oohrah, hit the nail on the head!

  • Lawrence Cook

    A-men brother! You are spot on. Semper Fi

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