No Welcome Home!

When sent to Vietnam I lacked two months being 18. When leaving I was a man at the age of 20. Having the experience of Combat, Trusting another with your daily life, & having the ” power ” of life & death in Your Trigger Finger; with all that hostility & meanness inside of you; nothing can ” top ” that “. Being given 3 choices of Duty Stations when leaving Nam—one of which was returning Stateside, I had better since . Choosing to go to Pearl Harbor as an M.P. for nine months was a fabulous decision because there I was locked up for 6 out of the 9 months. By the time returning home, all that ” stuff ” was able to be tolerated as well as those things still within. Being able to, I’d join the CORPS again in a heartbeat. Three things in life have really helped me to grow up & be a man: The MARINES, Married Life, & Prison Life, though I do not recommend the last 2 to anyone. SEMPER FIDELIS BROTHERS ” Stew ”
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  • SGT. Robert L Sisson

    In reply to Larry…0331-‘65-’69.
    Larry you didn’t miss anything. I was over there 19 months and the DREAM SHEET was a joke.

  • Sgt Robert L Sisson

    In reply to Harry.
    You have that right Harry. I was in the Air Force reserves and after desert storm we had a big parade through Pittsburgh to 3 rivers. Once over there i ran into Franco Harris and he came up to me to shake my hand and said WELCOME HOME. I told him you are 40 years to late I don’t want to hear it now. Needless to say our First Sgt reamed my ass out. He wanted me to go back to Fanco and say I was sorry. I am afraid I couldn’t do it. Later a couple other Vietnam Vets that heard it came up and told me they felt the say way I did. So we are not alone in our thinking

  • Harry

    In reply to Harry.
    Let me re-phrase that I “Might Accept” depending on who they are.Certainly not “Hanoi Jane” Harry

  • Harry

    In reply to Sgt Robert L Sisson.
    Hey Sgt Sisson I hear you loud and clear.Just words from the civilians,however I would accept an apology from them. Harry

  • Sgt Robert L Sisson

    In reply to James Williams.
    I feel the same as you. The Welcome Home Crap I will except now is from another VET because I KNOW IT MEANS SOMETHING. These non VETS it is nothing but words. All my Veteran friends feel the same way.

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