Not a Great Welcome Home Feeling in 1967

I was honorably discharged in August 1967- enlisted from Florida- went to New York ( and reaped larger separation pay ) – stayed in Virginia for a few weeks- and applied for a job in area- went back to New York and a life of uncertainty- torn between family and friends left behind in Virginia. Found a job in a bank back office in Manhattan- hostile work environment as they pounced on me after they found out I was a United States Marine- had arguments and one clown reported me to senior management for being disrespectful. A white haired 60 something executive in an office as big as a lobby in some buildings- started to have me sit down and was nice to me- I saw a picture of an airplane with a young guy on a wing- it seems he was a World War fighter pilot ( Navy ) and after he heard my story- he gave me a business card with his home phone written on the back and told me to call anytime – and he promised to speak to my immediate superiors at my work area. A lot of hostility towards all military on returning stateside after Vietnam era. Mostly college kids and sorry to say malcontents too! Would not trade experience of the 4 years in the Corps if I had to do it over again. I still got the sometimes attitude that gets me into arguments today- different international atmosphere- different type of enemy- different life style- but still willing to interced.
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