Not Without Marines

Not Without Marines

Sgt Grit,
I just wanted to say hello from Iraq and let you know that I had just found your web site and enjoy every last letter that people write. The pictures are great and the support from family members of Marines is great.

I’ve been in Iraq for a year. Yes, soon to be heading home. “THANK GOD!” While I was serving my long year here, I met Cpl Combs who is a Warrior with 3/1. We became great friends and he spent alot of time giving me comfort when I needed it the most. He talked to me when those down and sad days hit and hugged me and held me when I needed it. He made me laugh my butt off to stupid things that Marines do. He taught me alog about life and how to deal with the strong emotions of life here in Iraq. From being with him for a great part of my year, I’ve learned that a war can not be done the right way without Marines around. I’ve learned great respect for the Corps! All the Marines that I’ve worked with has made life much easier for us all. Without them here on my F.O.B., I can’t imagine what would have and could have happened to us all without the proud Marines here. Well to say the least, Cpl Combs and myself will have a for ever lasting relationship and friendship. I think to myself often and wonder what good can come out of a ugly situation here in Iraq? I then find myself saying, “This friendship and love.” That’s what came out of this ugly situation.

To all the Marines and Soldiers of America, God Bless and Stay Strong!

Future Wife of a Marine,
United States Army

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