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Nowhere to Turn

Nowhere to Turn
By: a Warrior

The night laid broken before me, Entwined with drunken
tears and endless fears of that forsaken land, Once Strangers,
Now Brothers to make a united stand, Where?d it get us,
other then lost in The Story of our lives, nowhere to turn,
and nowhere to hide, in this free for all
In The Story of Our Lives, Justice died, and we tried to
revive it, Relive it, and give it our own twist of faith, but
when you’re the one who killed it, it is reborn only to
consume you. Consume you like those fires did, those
unforgiving flames which danced before us, with thoughts
of home, flashing in and out of the rising ashes, slowly
fading from our memories. Some good men fall to their
knees, already scraped and bruised. Some men fight the
war, they are destined to lose. But no matter, when the
time calls, we will all meet our fall, together…

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