Observations from After Boot Camp

Observations from After Boot Camp

Why did I join the Marines- Honor? Integrity? Feelings? We all enlisted for different reasons. I was in the thick of things during high school – living in Florida- the Cuban Missile Crises- some adults feared this time as they lived through World War 11- and saw ships torpedoed of Miami Beach – planes overhead day and night. Also, we as kids grew up with a lot of war movies on TV and the Movies as well. After my time in high school – was undecided as what I wanted to do = or where I was headed? Decided to join the Marines – one of my friends had a brother who was a Marine and came to visit his family. He was a little guy- but very confident and carried himself with a head held high- and approached a bully among us- and the guy was a big guy- and got in his face and told him to back off and stop pushing others around. The guy backed off as with all bullies – they do not want someone to challenge them. The Marines gave me confidence- and integrity- and taught me to work with others- and be compassionate too. Help those who need help- and be there for your comrades. Teamwork or Gung Ho! was important- and pick up the slack in a joint effort to overcome an obstacle. You are one out of many- but if one or two take the lead the others will follow- and you accomplish the mission or job at hand. I realize that as an athlete you are faced with a huge payday- but I would not take a knee- so to speak- I think it is disrespecting the FLAG and what it stands for!!! I understand that some take a knee to protest the police and in some instances racial inequality- but I feel this is the wrong forum to express your discontent this way in this manner. I also think our President is not correct in his manner of addressing this issue. We follow our leaders, but at what cost. Everything is not black and white either. I am a Marine from 1963- old timer and times change – weapons change- theaters of operations change- the enemy changes his way of fighting too! We are Marines and we adjust as always. Never thought of who I am or what I would be without being a Marine- Semper Fi! and God bless Our Marine Corps and our Country.
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  • Fred Conn Marine Corps 1962 5th Communicate Vietnam Veteran

    That should be Corporal not Col

  • Fred Conn Marine Corps 1962 5th Communicate Vietnam Veteran

    Col Fred Conn Semper Fi brother I disagree with how they are going about it also.

  • George Kudlinski

    If you kneel during the National Anthem I think you should be sent out of the country the FLAG flies over. This flag is a symbol of the freedoms that were fought for and not the overpaid over rated sports players who never knew what the military veterans gave to be able to lie under this flag at their internment. As a Marine who loves this country and the U S MARINE CORPS I owe all I am to the boot camp DI’s who knew what we needed to learn to become Marines. The Commander in Chief does what he thinks for the service men and women not like the previous one who adored a DESERTER. I joined in 61 and know what it was and should always be!!

  • Len kile

    Bullseye!! Amen Semper Fi. Sgt 66-69

  • Bob Broaddus

    Well said. Semper Fi SSGT 75-87

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