Okinawa Invasion Battle Flag

Okinawa Invasion Battle Flag

While doing some research on a now deceased 6th Division Marine, I came across a fascinating memento from the Okinawa Invasion which this Marine, Robert G. Sproul, Wilmington, DE, had participated in. Among his souvenirs was a Japanese battle flag taken from a dead Japanese soldier during the battle. These battle flags, popular with many Japanes soldiers, were signed by family and friends with exhortations of good luck. The silk or cotton flags adorned with Japanese writings around the large red sun were worn around the soldier’s abdomen before going into battle. This particular flag has faded blood stains and what appear to be bullet holes. A poignant personal reminder of the Marine’s war in the Pacific during WWII.
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  • Kevin M. Keener

    What would he expect? Marines are trained to shoot at round bullseye targets at 200 yds…..and in fear of upsetting our Drill Instructors, we “aim” to please. The 300 B-mod and 500 yd targets are reserved for those ISIS individuals dressed in all black garb. Coincidence? I think not…….

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