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Oklahoma Marine

Oklahoma Marine

I had the pleasure to stop at Sgt Grit’s main store and get a picture of Don and I standing at the back of my motorhome along with two other old marines. Sorry I don’t remember the other two’s names. I’m sure if they see this on the web site, they will write in and let us know their names and dates of service. I did meet another old marine that was a bit bitter about the happier homecoming that the current military is getting. He was a tad upset after 40 years of returning home from Viet Nam that he never received a welcome home. I welcomed him home as I do all old vets who survived any past wars. I can only remember why I served my country not for the accolades that so many seem to be looking for or wanting. I have and will always stand tall for being a Marine and a veteran of the Viet Nam conflict.

Sgt Grit, your prices are below average from what I’ve seen across the U.S. I would also like to thank your staff at the office for their courtesy and assistance with ordering items. Stand tall marines, you’ve done your duty, never hang your heads for anyone.

Sgt Fritz McDowell
RVN 68/70

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