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"Old Corps" TBF on Guadalcanal

“Old Corps” TBF on Guadalcanal

Sgt. Grit,
As the son of a WWII Marine Aviator and nephew of a Korean War Marine Tank Driver, I have always been fiercely proud of “the Corps” and my family’s participation.

Recently my father dug out an old photo and asked if I could “repair” it on the computer. The picture is of my Dad’s TBF torpedo bomber squadron on Guadalcanal in the early part of WWII when the outcome was no sure thing. I look at all those young heros and feel nothing but pride. As I look at pictures of today’s Marines, the only thing that has changed is the technology. They are still a bunch of young (and not so young) heros doing what is needed to keep our country safe and our freedoms intact.

I myself never served in the ‘Corps ( I was an Army ROTC puke) but I still swell with pride whenever I see a Marine.

Attached is the picture I was able to restore. By the way my Dad is the third in from the right, second row seated.
Mike Sticksel

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