Old radio equipment

By: artmgysgt

I joined the USMC in 1961 and after leaving boot camp I was assigned to “H” Battery 3/10 as a cannoneer. I loved the job but in 1963 I went to NGF School at Little Creek Va. Then transferred to HQ BTRY I was assigned to the NGF section and went on a CPX and sat with a PRC-10 and never talked with anyone. Transferred to 1st ANGLICO in Hawaii it took me over a year to pass our Comm test for promotion to Corporal. We had to set up and operate all kinds of radio and wire equipment I did fine with high powered gear like the AN/Mrc 83 and 87 but A Comm SGT named Burton failed me a couple times on tuning a PRC-10, As I got salty and knew my gear we would trained using Morse Code . A 2533 RTO would transmit corrections to our ship in code, I was not required to know how to send or receive in code and I always wondered if the 2533 sent in his own corrections. A lot of guys in TACP teams had holes in the back of their utilities by battery acid from the battery of their MAY or MAW( UHF radio) an other thing Wire folks worked their butts off running wire comm while the rest of us slept.

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  • MSgt Edd Prothro, USMC Ret. 1964-1984

    Hey Ivan – Good to see you post something, and glad you’re still around. I think one of the funniest pictures that I’ve ever seen was in Ed Mills photo bucket of y0u and somebody else sitting on a four-hole shitter, out in the open and uncovered in Pohang, Korea. Been there, done that. Semper Fi!!! Top Pro

  • RJ

    I went to C&E battalion at MCRDSD in ’62 to train as a communicator. Flunked out after ‘hitting the wall’ in Morse, never getting past 27 wpm. I’ve forgotten what the minimum was – guess it doesn’t matter. Transferred to 7thEngrBn – now that was fun. Air hammers, sawmills, and explosives to play with, and we got paid, too (sort of).

  • Ivan Hurtado

    Went to Okinawa in February 1975 after FROC at MCRD San Diego, assigned to 2/9 Comm Plt. Initially became radio operator with 106 RR using a PRC-77 w/KY-38. Later trained for TACP, using the same PRC-77 (VHF), along with PRC-75 (UHF), PRC-104 (HF), PRC-47 (HF) to call in airstrikes. When we were mobile used the MRC-110 and the MRC-87.

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