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When I sit and have breakfast once a week with a group of 30 old men, I start to wonder where these men came from and what have they done in their lives. The majority of the group were veterans of all our military branches. Of the group, five were Marine Corp veterans. When I questioned them further about their experiences in the Corp, I began to realize that this was a very diversified group of men. The oldest was a WWII vet who was bayoneted on Saipan at 16 years old. The secondest oldest was with the 1st Marine Div at the Chosen Frozen, Korea and walked out with Chesty Puller’s group of tough marines. The third oldest spent two years in Viet Nam from 1965-1967, with three different units, A 1/4, M 3/26, and Third Force Recon. The fourth was Bob Jakucs, who spent 24 years in the Corp Regular and Reserve, obtained the rank of Colonel and went thru three wars, Viet Nam, Desert Storm and Iraq. I was the youngest and yes, proud of it. You might wonder why all these crusty old veterans were having breakfast together? They went on to serve the citizens of Los Angeles for 30 plus years as street cops, detectives and Sergeants. Our past president, “Ronald Regan”, said it best Some people wonder what they’ve done in their lives, Marines don’t have to worry about that. I feel this group of men are truly the image of what this great and beautiful country is all about.

Fritz (MAC) McDowell, Sgt, # 2349865
Older but still ready to fight.
Viet Nam, 1968-1970

C/Attached photos;
Single phote, Maruice Rainey, WWII, # 548890 2nd Marine Div
Group photo; L/R- Bob Kosier, Korea, # 1034894, 1st Amphiban Tractor Bn., 1st Marine Div.
Bob Jakucs,#0116954, Colonel, 3 Wars, Fritz McDowell, Joe Getherall # 2092339.

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