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On the Road to Baghdad

On the Road to Baghdad

Road to Baghdad

My stepson, Cpl. Brian T. Jackson, Echo Btry 2/11 is on his 3rd deployment to Iraq. He didn’t need to go but he extended his enlistment to make the trip. The pic is him on the road into Baghdad at the start of Iraqi Freedom, I guess he knows what’s important. Myself, I were a Gunners Mate USN, ’73-77. No trips to the Nam for me, my brother and friends handled that. I spent time on the Nashville, an Amphib. My experience with the crotch was you always slid down ladders and left black heel marks on freshly waxed decks. All I can say is the Corps helped my son become a Man. I am glad you guys are on our side. Oohrah.

Stephen J. Essex

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