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Once a Marine

Once a Marine

Sgt. Grit:

Once a Marine, Always a Marine.

Here is a picture of ret. S/Sgt Mike Portella, 303040, taken July 2008. Mike became a Drill Instructor in 1946, after serving on Guadalcanal, in 1941. Mike was a member of the WWII DI?s, until it disbanded several years ago. Mike?s old DI uniform is on display at the DI school on Parris Island, which didn?t even exist when Mike was a DI. Mike wants? all Marines everywhere to know our young Marines are as good, and up to the task as Marines have always been His message is we can all be proud of the DI?s and officers training these young men and woman. And that we should not forget the job being done by our Marine recruiters, who do such a great job finding young men and woman who will carry on the great tradition of our Marine Corps Honor and Values, and great fighting spirit I was honored to tour the base, with this WWII Marine.

Cpl. T. E. Hetland USMC 1661545, Plt. 23 1957

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