One More Proud Pop

One More Proud Pop

Marine Brother receiving salute from Corpsman Sister

Sgt. Grit

I am attaching a picture of my son receiving his first salute from his little sister. She is a Corpsman at the Naval hospital at Camp Pendleton with 4 years in and a tour in the Sand Box under her belt.

He is now with the 6th Marines, 2nd Mar Div, the same Regiment I started in when I got to the FMF in ’75.

You and your readers can probably imagine how proud I was to see this event unfold. I was surprised to see how well this picture came out since I could barely see through the viewfinder as my eyeballs were sweating at the time. I can never find the right words to express how proud I am but like I said earlier, you can probably imagine.

Thanks for your newsletter and website, Semper Fidelis,
One More Proud Pop

Franz “SONNY” Creutzburg

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